Journey to the Sami in the Artic lands

Back home in the UK .. sat in the travel lodge preparing for my journey to Manchester.. I’m feeling exhilarated… and also slightly reluctant to let go of the arctic images in my head.. of the silence and stillness of the snow .. sitting by fires next to frozen lakes. The deep ice plunge of my naked body beneath freezing waters… the excitement of seeing reindeer and the joy of the dogsled ride..The privilege of listening to a wise Sami Elder share stories of her culture and the use of herbs.. I am also aware of the sadness I feel hearing first hand from the Sami of the past suppression of their language, their songs and Spirituality, the burning of their drums a way no different than other indigenous culture to enable governments and corporations to mindlessly exploit and desecrate lands.. mine and log ancient forests .. Whilst they are now able to reclaim and remember their culture .. wisdom and language, they are still fighting against yet more destructive mining …I felt some solidarity in our fight to protect our land from fracking here in the U.K. In fact I feel so mind blown by my time there it’s going to take a long time to process x
Edwina Staniforth

Wild woman Herbalist

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