Christian Aid organise a meeting on Skype of Christian activists from NW England and South Africans with a focus on fracking.

We met in Preston four of us from the campaign in Lancashire and #NoFaithinFracking with Ruth Platt the NW co-ordinator for Christian Aid. Ruth had set up the connection with the African Christian group from Kwa-Zulu Natal who were involved with the land. They are connected with the Church Land Programme and this is their FB page

We were given in advance a passage from Romans Chapter 8 verses 18-25 to study and discuss after introducing ourselves and our situations here and in Africa. They told us that people were being relocated, moved off the land and they feel that their rights are being violated.

As we have seen with globalisation, the worlds resources are being sold off by Govts to various multi-national extractive industries. The area being targeted in Kwa-Zulu Natal is Newcastle, a coal mining area, very similar to what we have in the English regions with deeper shale layers.

We plan to meet up again in the autumn and feel enriched by our sharing.