Maple Farm Community Hub (Preston New Road PR4 3PE) is a space set aside for local residents and visitors who want to find out more about the resistance to the development of gasfields in the UK. The Hub with its kitchen, toilets, communal spaces and information areas, offers the ideal opportunity to interact with those who are taking action to stop the progress of the fracking industry. You can collect information sheets and leaflets, find merchandise, ask questions, share knowledge or simply pop in for a cuppa and see what unfolds.

Transport – #61 bus goes from Preston bus station via Kirkham, stops opposite the railway station and there are lots of bus stops past the Cuadrilla site, near World of Water (rear car park until 5.30pm) and Maple Farm hub where there is parking. At the moment trains to Kirkham are only on the Blackpool South line.

There are camping sites available for those wanting to stay.


Every morning our No Faith in Fracking procession will leave Maple Farm at 10am to walk the mile to the gates of the Cuadrilla fracking site where our programme will begin. Most days are a mixture of different groups and faiths.

At 5.30pm we will again gather ourselves to return to Maple Farm for food and companionship before departing.

Outline of Programme


10.00 Slow walk to the gates.

10.30 Silent vigil – Quaker led.

11.00 Tibetan Buddhist chanting & meditation led by David Midgeley from Jamyang Centre, Leeds

12.30 Lunch at gates

1.00 – 2.00pm Christian Celtic Care of Creation– led by Revd Dave Penney
“The Christian Celtic tradition is rooted in Nature. A central core of its Faith, our common universal Spirituality, is that we human beings come from, are part of and belong to Creation. It does not belong to us to do what we like with. Our earthly home is sacred and therefore must be preserved and protected. Through Sayings and Prayers, the Christian Celtic Way of Life will hopefully encourage us to resist, and protest against the ravages of Fracking as it abuses of our Sacred Home and Life on Earth upon which all of us depend.” Revd. Dave Penney
2.00 – 3.00pm Readings from Thomas Berry, Dream of the Earth – led by Green Spirit

3.00 – 4.00pm Gratitude and Earth Care Ritual– led by Green Spirit

4.00 – 4.30pm Readings from World Faiths and Indigenous Traditions on Care of Creation

4.30- 5.00pm Song and Dance for Earth including Elm Dance

5.00 – 5.30 Quaker led silent vigil


One World day, with walking to the gates, a Quaker led silent vigil, Christian Celtic Care of Creation, readings and singing in the afternoon.


9.30 Gather at Maple Farm – Fairtrade stall

10.00 Women’s call for calm (regular walk and silence followed by songs).

10.30 “On Care for Our Common Home”: meet at Maple Farm; process to the site

11.00 Morning of offerings from the Catholic community inspired by Laudato Si and faith witness for social and climate justice.

Welcome by Sister Marian followed by hymns, prayers, readings, reflection and talks to help us deepen into the themes raised in Pope Francis’s Encyclical Laudato Si, and on the associated social justice and climate justice issues.

12.00 A personal reflection on Law, Life and Love – led by Mark Rotherham

12.30 Faith and Hope Ceremony (bring blue irises)

13.00 A blessing on the morning.

13.30 Lunch served at the gates

14.00 Guided and Walking Meditation : Community of Interbeing (Zen Buddhists)

Community of Interbeing practitioners live according to the global ethics of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. Their vision is of a wiser and more compassionate society living in harmony with the earth; their practice is meditation.

14.30 Laudato Si Readings and Hymns

15.00 Talk about Climate Change and Social Justice – Stephen Garsed

15.30 Talk about practical help of Shared Interest

16.00 Prayers for justice; hands joined together; Our Father & Blessing

16.30 Final Blessing

17.00 Silent Vigil – Quaker led

17.30 No Faith in Fracking walk back to Maple Farm



10.00 Slow walk to the gates

Earth day led by Gill Kavanagh – Druid Blessing Ceremony for the Earth see info on event link below

Druid Earth Blessing Ceremony – Gill

12.30 Lunch at gates

13.00 – 14.00 Christian Celtic care of Creation and Earth care ritual

14.00 – 15.00 Angels on Earth day see Angels on Earth

15.00 Gift of gratitude to our sacred Mother Earth (small ceremony with Gill)

Silent vigil – Quaker led

Evening workshop with Christian Climate Action at Maple Farm

19.30-21.00 ‘Climate Breakdown: seeking strength inside ourselves’ workshop

led by Phil Kingston, Christian Climate Action/ Grandparents for a Safer Climate. Description: Our general culture tends to respond to bad news at the level of thinking and rarely the level of emotions. This workshop will give an opportunity to share our feelings and to the human needs which they point towards. It is based upon the Nonviolent Communication of Marshall B. Rosenberg though no prior understanding of that is necessary for participation. Open to people of all faiths and none.


8.15 – 9.45 ‘Remembering Reconnecting and Refuelling’ workshop led by Dharma Action Network for Climate Engagement – at Maple Farm
Through a variety of practices you will be invited to remember and reconnect with what moved you to engage in the action you are now taking. Sharing this with others and hearing others share their own motivations can help provide the inspiration and emotional fuel necessary for sustained action on this vital issue.

10.00 Guided meditative slow walk to gate with Dharma Action Network for Climate Engagement and NFiF

11.00 ‘Earth Agape’ Liturgy led by Father Martin Newell – Christian Climate Action and Faith & Resistance Network

12.30 Lunch at Gates

13.00 ‘The Turning from Winter to Spring’ ritual – Dharma Action Network for Climate Engagement

14.00 Quaker-led vigil (1hr later than usual gathering) followed by Earth and spirit poetry and readings, Songs of Hope

16.30 – 17.30 Shared Closing Circle & Sharing of Blessings – Chance to bring together all the groups Dharma Action Network for Climate Engagement/ Christian Climate Network/ Faith & Resistance Network/ Quakers


Quiet presence at the gates

right side fence group

Maple Farm Community Hub

Wiccan Wellbeing Celebration day 10.00 – 16.00

With BELTANE FULL MOON BLESSINGS Just share our good energies for a frack-free planet!

10am Welcome! Opening circle for elemental connections

10.30 Angel oracle cards: Annie Rose will share how using angel cards helps the life journey

11.30 My journey with Ayahuasca: Seeing in the world in 3 dimensions, by Jane

12.00 Yoga practise: Simple exercises with Simone

12.30 Naturopathic nutritional therapy: Eat well with Ruth

13.00 Light lunch provided plus bring and share to Relax and chat over creative projects

14.00 Guided meditation creating the world you want to live in: Explore dragon energy connections with holistic healer Ann Singleton

15.00 Practices to Reconnect Our Lives, Our World Joanna Macy on ways the work does itself with return to real awareness: Jewel

16.00 Closing ceremony of potentials for gratitude and appreciation